Emotional Intelligence

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an event by Adeptus, called Tunneäly Summit 2019. Tunneäly is the Finnish word for EQ or Emotional Intelligence. The event had some interesting speakers like inventor and key note speaker Perttu Pölönen, Dr Pauliina Airaksinen-Aminoff and many others. The main theme of the day was, how to utilize EQ as a driver for business.

Quote by Maya Angelou

I really liked this quote from the acclaimed poet and writer Maya Angelou. Emotions are still seen as a weakness or something ” too soft” for the workplace. I have been reading a lot on the subject from HBR, about the different aspects of emotional intelligence. The works of Daniel Goleman were referred several times during the summit! But there is hard evidence that people who train themselves in emotional intelligence, perform better at work and get promoted faster.

One part of my on-boarding at Schneider has been studying my DiSC profile and getting to know our traits and ways we communicate. I represent the type “Id”, which is quite suiting for my name. As a very strong I-type, I am very emotional. My personality gives me an advantage on some areas of emotional intelligence, but on some areas I know I have things to improve. One key point of yesterday was to try to map out where you are good and where bad. Then focus on the points that you have most to improve and which make the most impact.

Author: Ida Männistö

An tech enthusiast working at a global energy automation company. Blogs about work and tea.

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