Fairs and wheels

I had a great weekend in Turku at the Build and Decorate fair, which yielded over 13 000 visitors this year. It is the biggest fair in the region for builders and renovators. We had a stall together with other manufacturers and local electric contractors. Our offer included some wiring devices like Renova and Elko Plus, our KNX offer, Wiser home automation products and EVLink charging stations. I focused on demoing the Wiser app, which is actually really cool.

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I use a wheelchair to move around every day. Disability is not something I actively like to point out because I feel like it has nothing to do with me as a professional. My choice of weapon to do sales is by calling, emailing and social media. In my previous job I had some customer events, but not really fairs or customer meetings. This weekend was sort of a personal test for me, to see if I can also do sales face to face in a busy fair environment.

Turns out; I can and I really liked it, because I am the sort of a person who gets energy from inspiring people and making them smile. My electric wheelchair has a lift, so I can raise it up to be more on the same level with the people I am talking to and that helped me out a lot. I think some people were a bit confused, because people are not used to see disabled people in this kind of roles. Talking with consumers and electricians was so much fun, I felt like I was actually inspiring them in their smart home journeys & picking out the right kind of wiring devices.

My goal with this blog was to keep it business, no politics. But this is an issue that I will always be talking about: there’s a lot of disabled people out of the workforce in Finland and that is truly a shame. I have been very lucky to have employers who have seen the talent in me. If you are interested in having a more diverse work environment, you should check out a company called Riesa.

Author: Ida Männistö

An tech enthusiast working at a global energy automation company. Blogs about work and tea.

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